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Friday, December 31, 2010

Let's Camp !

Monday, December 27, 2010


Picasso had his blue period, Big Elvis had his food period
Travis Ray Cole

"Up to Ravenswood"

up to Ravenswood"
well pa would get mad
if we did'nt wanna stand in line to get vittles,
said you wanna eat?
the preacher she took a strong dislike to me
and didnt give me no pasta
in the bags she was handing out to everyone
so it was 'bout then
I did'nt wanna go up to the chuch on wedenesday nights
in ravenswood but kenmore and lawrence church liked
me fine we ran the alleys all day up kenmore
from loyola way down to past armitage in an old ford
and sat out in the alleys
drinking fortys of the cheapest milwakee piss made.
When I wanted to move the gun held under the oven
with magnets so we could cook he got mad
so one night I wanted to shoot the television
like elvis and he said we'ld get kicked out
He brought home a big old Indian once and I made love to her
he brought home a pretty little whore
and I left them alone and she robbed him.
so we found somebody in the street
selling cheese like like we was collectors
until the government did'nt wanna give 'em no more
up at sallysone day i got a bowl of grits or meal and
was happy to get it til I scooped a big roach up
and then puked back in the bowl
go to through it away and somebody wants it from me
months later I got the chills could'nt move for 3 days
my dad says you wanna eat?
so I went to stand in the crowd at day labor
but could'nt stand that day
when I made the line at breakfast it was a long one
and somebody goes in the pantry from the kitchen
and I seen all them cans he came out I stuck my foot
in the door snuk in and got me 3 cans of uncut soup
went home and was soon cured.
I made that 'ol macaroni for wendy once,
but she did'nt like it.
I found a blue eyed squall somewheres and
we took to each other
she bought me a burrito and a case of old style
and since it was summer
we camped on the roof of hideaway where it was cooler.
well one day at the soup kitchen they had let a cute but crazy
black woman out a little to soon and since I had long
hair she goes into yelling tou ain't jesus at me
well I laughed and people starts getting up and
bringing me thier bowls of potato soup
like it was some kinda cool hand luke trick
I was just the "guitar player"round them parts
so when I try to eat there last time incognitto
don't exist some call me the name of the "L" I
sung the "50 cent song" at and
some say look at him all schooled up.
well back when I was gonna try those seeing eye glasses
you know the welfare frames I wanted em tinted
cause the cabs drove around with thier lights on at
night blinding the crap outta me.
so I get the frames and tinted
and walk out of the eye place on broadway just north of wilson
and my dad starts a yelling look at hollywood
theres hollywood
and my brother laughs and I tell em call me Johnny
Johnny F.N. Hollywood

be Underground he said

be Underground he said
bored of pop poetry
he's asking all the people
he's braging to his all friends
he's so down.... that he thinks
the world has already gone,the end
he knows it's hip not to ryhyme these days
but he's going to do it again
and when he's not doing that
he's banging out bar chords
or praticing licks and bends
all he's asking
hes asking all his friends
to make some copies here and there
of what they think his best works are
and pass them around or to please hide them for him
right where they'll find them
he asks again and again
wants me to nail his shit up to a phone pole,when?
in the rain and coat it with this?
if hes so underground and cant be found
whys everybody know him
cant he do it for him ?
he said hes occupied with thoughts of love gone wars?
whats that mean if he wants publisidy
why don't he stand on the off ramp again?

"Number Nine"

"Number Nine"
{excerpts from the "Rat Acid" Bible}
On a recent contact visit THE LORD smashed grapefruit
in satans face then he lost all his goodtime
because he got caught with a home composting kit
hid in his cell,his plan was to turn it into a
tattoo machine. He had a plan,
if he could get himself put in the same cell
or even close to Mr.Charlie{Mansion} he could get the
goods on where this "bottomless pit" really was
well he was put in a holding cell with him one
bright day and found out that the beach boys guy
sold the bottomless pit to some poperotzi outfit
that sold bogus maps of the stars houses.
he had many unanswered questions
how did the beach boys guy come to own it
and Charlie got pissed.
and shrugged him off,saying he was the machine
Well maybe god was the machine or a part of it
but he wanted out
and he wanted out now.
so he was back in his cell and he decided to get
on the good side of mansion
he would sing the beautiful
people to him as he passed his cell
on the way to doc johnsons or was it doc matiens?
so the lord carved two crosses in his forehead
like Mr.Charlies and that did'nt work
well,they got to talking one day about
"one flew over the cuccoos nest" and the lord was in
so charlie hooked him up the
lord did some more witchcraft
and gave mansion free cable and he in turn
had the system let the god guy go
when he got out he kissed the ground
he went into town and saw rambo and he told him
bout the trouble he had with the laws
and the lord was down the road.
he ended up joining some freak cult and
meet a girl who had one more breast than the budda
the lord shaved his head
and started selling books at the airport
and underground magizines at the music stores
on consignment
{he heard Frank Zappa sold encyopdias}
and he was some sort of inspiration
when he ran into satan at the atm machine
he fucked him up
and is bieng sued for about a dozen different things
by the devil dude,anyway satan smoked marboro reds
and the lord smoked menthols
and mansion rolled his own
and they all got into nine inch nails
but only shimp liked pearl jam
shimp was satans replacement
as an angel
but wouldnt turn in his wings
said they was rusted amongst other reasons
so shimp had no wings and the act was busted up
shimp didnt wanna sell no books at the airports
and wore blackface make up told people he was looking
for the underground railroad
and showed 'em the curly shuffle they told him where
the pit was.
the locusts at the opening of the pit
we're mean as hell and it stung bad
it didnt matter if shimp had the
face of a lion it still hurt.
Shimp was waiting for the other guys to get there
before he went in Iggy Pop was guarding the opening
{He's part Locust}
so shimp hit him on top the head with
maxwells silver hammer and it swung around and hit him
in the chin afterward,and fucked 'em up.
who cares he lived in adam ants closet
and did'nt even have a job or pay taxes
{maxwell is that spy that runs with the 99 chick}
this bieng the year 1999 A.D. they had the real maps
and was eager to help
pretty soon everybody showed up and was ready
to enter the pit mansion the beach boys guy
the devil dude the fbi the five-o the god guy all except for mick
he stopped to write a song about it
ie some shit about running red lights for god?
so maybe he got pulled over
Written by Travis Ray Cole

Mushroom Cam

Mushroom Cam

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


You Stole My Heart

Rose Shadow

The Bee





I don't know it must have been the Roses

Heart inside