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Saturday, April 21, 2012

{Experpts from the "Rat Acid" Bible}
Seizure Chords

the book of Tard
Satan was truly the victim this time
he was beat at the magic game by that do gooder
and in the meantime it was made out to look like he
was the bad guy in every episoide
his agent would not return his calls
he was drawn as the villian
he was switched on the cross and suffered
and unreasonable beating.
right from the middle of a heck of a good time he was
transported into some bad version of an old startrek
show and he knew who was behind all this.
he felt sorry for himself
he wanted a nice hat like the pope or the firemen had. they we're actully foes at this point
they got to walk in fire but had cold beer
and air conditioning waiting for them back at home.
Satan woke up with a hang-over
he had gotten blasted with the lord and thier buddys at the
the last party he realized for the first time
that he was still wearing the same yellow shirt since
thursday ,sure he burnt mr. nelsons stage
and could'nt find jesus' time machine
the flies we're eating
at the open sores in his hands and feet
everybody must get stoned reminded him
to curse dylan again he was having the third Identy
crisis this week.he was in fact starburst
he wanted to be golden, if he could find jethro
see,jethro had the missing page one
and his train schedue he had already missed the boat
his friend jesus had become more reclusive and
had found a hole to crawl in
but all that witchcraft he learnt from mama
payed off he was outta the hole and at the
card table holding a hand full of aces
he had five of them and stacks of chips
a drink in each hand and the remote control
was in his shirt pocket
his cell phone rang and he had people
not answer it for him
excerpts from the" Rat Acid Bible" written by Travis Ray Cole on Monday, July 26, 1999
Copyright : 1999
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- Sunday, January 23, 2000 at 20:01:22 (PST)

"Number Nine"
{excerpts from the "Rat Acid" Bible}

On a recent contact visit THE LORD smashed grapefruit
in satans face then he lost all his goodtime
because he got caught with a home composting kit
hid in his cell,his plan was to turn it into a
tattoo machine. He had a plan,
if he could get himself put in the same cell
or even close to Mr.Charlie{Mansion} he could get the
goods on where this "bottomless pit" really was
well he was put in a holding cell with him one
bright day and found out that the beach boys guy
sold the bottomless pit to some poperotzi outfit
that sold bogus maps of the stars houses.
he had many unanswered questions
how did the beach boys guy come to own it
and Charlie got pissed.
and shrugged him off,saying he was the machine
Well maybe god was the machine or a part of it
but he wanted out
and he wanted out now.
so he was back in his cell and he decided to get
on the good side of mansion
he would sing the beautiful
people to him as he passed his cell
on the way to doc johnsons or was it doc matiens?
so the lord carved two crosses in his forehead
like Mr.Charlies and that did'nt work
well,they got to talking one day about
"one flew over the cuccoos nest" and the lord was in
so charlie hooked him up the
lord did some more witchcraft
and gave mansion free cable and he in turn
had the system let the god guy go
when he got out he kissed the ground
he went into town and saw rambo and he told him
bout the trouble he had with the laws
and the lord was down the road.
he ended up joining some freak cult and
meet a girl who had one more breast than the budda
the lord shaved his head
and started selling books at the airport
and underground magizines at the music stores
on consignment
{he heard Frank Zappa sold encyopdias}
and he was some sort of inspiration
when he ran into satan at the atm machine
he fucked him up
and is bieng sued for about a dozen different things
by the devil dude,anyway satan smoked marboro reds
and the lord smoked menthols
and mansion rolled his own
and they all got into nine inch nails
but only shimp liked pearl jam
shimp was satans replacement
as an angel
but wouldnt turn in his wings
said they was rusted amongst other reasons
so shimp had no wings and the act was busted up
shimp didnt wanna sell no books at the airports
and wore blackface make up told people he was looking
for the underground railroad
and showed 'em the curly shuffle they told him where
the pit was.
the locusts at the opening of the pit
we're mean as hell and it stung bad
it didnt matter if shimp had the
face of a lion it still hurt.
Shimp was waiting for the other guys to get there
before he went in Iggy Pop was guarding the opening
{He's part Locust}
so shimp hit him on top the head with
maxwells silver hammer and it swung around and hit him
in the chin afterward,and fucked 'em up.
who cares he lived in adam ants closet
and did'nt even have a job or pay taxes
{maxwell is that spy that runs with the 99 chick}
this bieng the year 1999 A.D. they had the real maps
and was eager to help
pretty soon everybody showed up and was ready
to enter the pit mansion the beach boys guy
the devil dude the fbi the five-o the god guy all except for mick
he stopped to write a song about it
ie some shit about running red lights for god?
so maybe he got pulled over
Written by Travis Ray Cole
Copyright : 1999
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- Sunday, January 23, 2000 at 19:57:18 (PST)

{excerpts from the "Rat Acid" bible}
Garden foreclosuer
Seizure Chords

She entered the court room wearing spurs
a century twenty-one gold colored blazer and
an "electic clinton/new york campign button"
that had two camaras and a shure microphone
in it.she was smiling like she was on crack
and smelled like boones farm apple valley wine
she was mad as hell at the lord and was suing
him for everything he had.
he dened for years that little jesus was his
and paid the mafia to rub him out
he even "paid extra to make it real messy"
she insisted.her dark hair shined beautifully by the
artificial light of the room
it was judgement day...............

Jesus woke up in the garden eating bugs
ladies and gentleman
it was a long strange trip
the pressures of bieng investigated for bieng an
active communist was just to much for him
what was the answer
he didnt want to go about taking downers
he was depressed enough already
in fact he was a blues god in mythogy circles
he did think of suicide but went off
on night after watching the buddy holly story
he stabbed his puppy dog for chewing up the new sandals
he walked to the 7-11 in jerusum to purchuse
god got busted for the dog opener episode
and satan wouldnt go his bail
the fag was still pissed about
god the father son and holy ghost
giving him aids
he really was going to hell in an easter basket
see,god done this little green monkey named
micheal jackson in the forrest behind the garden
and wouldnt pay for satans medical bills
in fact satan found space shuttle tickets
in gods purse {he was leaving the planet with cher}

because he listened to am radio in his car
the lord then became a big homo
and had a dangerous spat with his bitch satan
who was funking out of the police accadamy
and the lord paid a lot of money
for his bitch satan to get in there too.
whist the lord went to the
"C leveland I nstitute of A rt"
he studied hard and his little bitch satan
didnt study nearly at all.
and the lord thru satan out of thier loft
and climbed up on top of the television
{they had a 6 foot screen}
and prayed to the satilite
that he could watch ally mcbeal and dave letterman
that night then got so drunk
that he passed out before they came on
and he pissed his pants
thats right the lord was so drunk
that he pissed his pants
and he pissed all over ohio
which they thought was acid rain
well the lords piss was toxic
because he worked with asbestoes
but at least he had a job
you lazy sinners
so then he started listening to chuck berry
which made him cool again
and he rocked
so begat jesus rock
well he spent some time in mexico
looking for a nice '64 to restore
and they called him late for dinner
so he waited till late one night
and snuk into a garden right this side of
your alley and ate a watermelon

so Johnny Cash begat litigation processes claiming
he was in no way
THE TRAIN KILLER or any of the aforementioned
Train songs and claimed he was not
related to the alledged drug
Meanwhile the Lord wanting so badly to prove
he in fact was not wrong
he begat flushing tampons
down the toilet as often as he could
while running thru the garden one
morning to get in shape{he just quit smoking]
and was on health food diet
but gained a lot of weight anyway
because he loved speggitti
probably brain-washed by speggitti
wedensday comericals
running thru the garden
he spotted mary-mary
with freckles
and scared briar rabbit
who couldnt say whats up doc
if he was the easter bunny
which by the way
"Mary" looked hot wearing the bunnie ears
she won "Miss Garden"
years 1 B.C.,and the year 3 B.C.
so they had a thing for a while
but she was married
they began praticing witchcraft together
and she left him
calling him a loser
but he could'nt take the lies
{she was a habititual liar}

And the lord wore those big groucho shades
with the nose
as he snuk thru the garden
he moved slightly down the train tracks
not to frighten the real train killer
or disturb
him from his nap
but he did steal the real free train killers freshly caught fish
{it was a big pike}
the lord went around telling everyone he knew
that he caught the said fish
when he got to the tree
no one could hear him
but the lord was a man
so he was still wrong
he could'nt see the forest
and he listened way to much mansion
both charlie and sadie.
and whilst Elvis told big lies to nixon
he gave him a gun with high hopes
as satan told big red
I could have the '68 comeback
satan was elvis elvis was satan
the lord was a man so he was still wrong

And the lord went hunting for skins to clothe them

And while the lord was out hunting deer
to make skins for clothes
he killed more beatles than the kennedys
and he was a hell of a landscaper
he watched growing tips shows on pbs
and frightened Adam who became parinoid
and he dropped the tomatoe soup
all over the bread which was thier dinner
but the children
we're so hungry
they fought over it and atr it anyway
thus the very first pizza
so they tried it with and with out ranch dressing
and later came avacodoes
cain wanted to become a beat write
to impress his fianccee "Mom"
so he begat writing bizarre parodies
displaying irrepressible thoughts
which coinsides with his dating
{pretty much he was obbessed with the god thing}
as an anti-war protest
the eyes were opened
and they ate the snakes food stuffs
you know the mice the rats
and they needed more clothing so she shopped
and she shopped at the mall forever
her pain was multiplied and she brang forth children
until somebody begat a female
so he ate the tomatoes
in the fields he sang slave songs
plotting against the union
avoiding the court appointted psychoanalytic treatment
the lord assignned to him
well satan didnt get his wings back
but at least he finished his probation
and paid his restition off
as he sung unsoliceted work songs in the fields
you could hear the likes of "pick a bale of cotton"
as heard from the classic "the Jerk"
in the afternoon sun
so they made aprons out of fig leaves
and baked the first bread
and he stole tomatoes off the market truck
and hid some hot peppers in his hat
for his lunch
wanna do lunch was his favorite line
well,the sound of the lord walking thru the garden
made him tragically insane
you will not die said the snake
but she did years later
only after plotting episoides
cursed to wear heels
cast out
of the now sanctioned land
god gave it to the canadians
hence gods country
or is that milawakkee
they moved upstate and got a condo on the lake
and he every now and again still
he sayeth am I not my brothers keeper
his brother said unto them
its cheaper to keep her
he called her mom he called her honey
they moved down south where the land was cheaper

Give to me of the tree
if this is your tree,I have planted seeds
if you have no rightly deed
lets call the multiple listing service
and make an appointment to see the said tree
I have planted seeds
woman feed me
I hunger cast the snake out?
asked alice as she clicked her high heels
we must make wood projects
boats trofts and crosses to stone the angels cast out
god save the trees cried the wiseman #3
but he was a woman,no angel
I am wearing clothes the empirior chimed in
give to me of the tree
she was as apple pie as any wiccan girl could be

joined at the heart we planted seeds
johnny may have been a farmer
but the lord knows the cornbelt betted on rain
I am so hungry give to me of the tree
I can lie thru my teeth
the snake has cut down your cherries
yes it was me spitting
spitting out the seeds
{oh god you sayeth}
why do I hid myself
what your some kinda freak?
don't you be looking at me

the garden party had parking in the lot next door
for a nominal fee
and judias sold bibles out there in the street

give to me of the tree
pass the plate insert some cheese

excerpts from the "Rat Acid"bible
written by Travis Ray Cole
- Sunday, January 23, 2000 at 19:49:58 (PST)

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