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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rat Acid Bible

Satan woke up with a hang-over
he had gotten blasted with the lord and thier buddys at the
the last party
he realized for the first time
that he was still wearing the same yellow shirt since
thursday ,sure he burnt mr. nelsons stage
and could'nt find jesus' time machine
the flies we're eating
at the open sores in his hands and feet
everybody must get stoned reminded him
to curse dylan again he was having the third Identy
crisis this week.he was in fact starburst
he wanted to be golden
if he could find jethro
see,jethro had the missing page one
and his train schedue he had already missed the boat
his friend jesus had become more reclusive and
had found a hole to crawl in
but all that witchcraft he learnt from mama
payed off he was outta the hole and at the
card table holding a hand full of aces
he had five of them and stacks of chips
a drink in each hand and the remote control
was in his shirt pocket
his cell phone rang and he had people
not answer it for him
Rat Acid Bible
- Monday, July 26, 1999 at 06:17:28 (PDT)

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